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Rosenquist, James - Playmate
Rosenquist, James
Oil on canvas in four parts, wood, metal wire, 1966

Estimated price  1.000.000 EUR
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Warhol, Andy - Flowers (10 Blatt)
Warhol, Andy
Flowers (10 Blatt)
10 sheet Silkscreen in colors, 1970

Estimated price  800.000 EUR
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Rauschenberg, Robert - Posse Stir (Galvanic Suite)
Rauschenberg, Robert
Posse Stir (Galvanic Suite)
Mixed media. Acrylic and lacquer on galvanized ..., 1989

Estimated price  200.000 EUR
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Rauschenberg, Robert - Bicycloid VII
Rauschenberg, Robert
Bicycloid VII
Bicycle, framed with colored neon tubes, on an ..., 1992

Estimated price  100.000 EUR
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Warhol, Andy - Goethe
Warhol, Andy
Silkscreen in colors, 1982

Estimated price  60.000 EUR
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Klapheck, Konrad - Die Fragen der Sphinx
Klapheck, Konrad
Die Fragen der Sphinx
Charcoal and blue pen on transparent paper, 1984

Estimated price  40.000 EUR
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Warhol, Andy - Cologne Cathedral
Warhol, Andy
Cologne Cathedral
Silkscreen in colors with "diamond dust", 1985

Estimated price  15.000 EUR
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